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How You Can Help

Community Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program offers a supportive connection to the people in the communities we serve.  Our Ambassadors help our families, friends and neighbors access the necessary support to deal with end-of-life or grief and loss issues.

As an ambassador you will:

  • Act as a representative of Hospice Savannah to your church or organization.
  • Inform your church or organization of the many community services of Hospice Savannah.
  • Arrange speaking engagements offered by Hospice Savannah's Community Outreach program.
  • Identify individuals who may need grief support and provide them with Full Circle, a Center for Education and Grief Support materials.
  • Notify your church or organization of upcoming Hospice Savannah events through church bulletin, e-mail, etc.
                                              Hospice Savannah's Community Ambassadors

      Liberto Chacon
    Alice Hagler Lorraine Harris
    Andrea Re Lucy Powell
    Barbara Herceg Lynne Jackson
    Bill Seymour Margaret Jacques
    Blake Weinberger Margie Medlin
    Bob Rosen Martina Beckman
    Bob Jenkins Michael Brannin
    Bobbie Glen Mike Lance
    Bobbie Shelton Mike Vidan
    Carole Tutan Mimi Marston
    Cissy Fox Nancy Sperry
    Craig Simpson Patti Lott
    Daryl Wright Patti Cooper
    David Paddison Penny Farley
    Denise Denison Rev. Paul Little, II
    Don Lagona Rev. Thurmond R. Tillman
    Dottie Kluttz Rev. Todd A. Rhodes, Sr
    Elaine Seabolt Rich Noel
    Ellie Titus Rick Gilsdorf
    Eva Goldwire Roy Hill
    Fran Belloir Ruth Moore
    Fred Wasson, IV Ruth Pauley
    Greg Parker Ryan Hunt
    Gregory Hazelden Sally Mandell
    Helen Alexov Selma Gunther Brown
    Janet Flowers Sherrill D. Gilbert
    Janet Alpert Stan Freidman
    Janna Martin Synergy Forum Group, EO Toronto Chapter
    Jason Rockwell Terri G. Doyle
     John Giles  
    Julie Pratt  

    If you are interested in becoming a Hospice Savannah Ambassador or would like to arrange an Ambassador Luncheon provided by Hospice Savannah for your organization, please contact Hospice Savannah’s Community Services Manager, Sarah Copeland
    at 912-629-1045.
  • P.O. Box 13190
  • Savannah, GA 31416
  • 912.355.2289
  • 888.355.4911